When the Tide Rises
Book06 when the tide rises1
Series number6
Universe year5149
Release dateMarch 1, 2008

When the Tide Rises is the sixth novel of David Drake's RCN series, published in 2008.

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When the Republic of Cinnabar doesn't have enough battleships to deal with all the crises in its war with the Alliance, it sends the next best thing: Commander Daniel Leary and his friend, the spy Adele Mundy. This time they're off to help the Bagarian cluster in its rebellion against the Alliance, but they'll quickly find that the worst threats to the rebels are the treacherous politicians.

Leary and Mundy use electronic espionage, sub-machine guns, and shipkilling missiles to outwit political rivals, put down mutiny, and capture an Alliance fortress. When all else fails, they'll strike for the heart of the Alliance -- and then throw their tiny corvette into a major fleet action.

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In 5149 CE, the Republic of Cinnabar Navy is in trouble, Admiral Vocaine is not as capable as Admiral Anston was, worse the Alliance knows it. The Alliance has besieged the Jewel System, a Cinnabar dependency noted for having a very useful place in the Matrix, and being very close to the Castle System, the Alliance Capital. The immediate consequences of loosing the Jewel System are not horrible, even though the loss might prove fatal in the end. Vocaine approves orders to Daniel Leary to support a rebellion in an Alliance backwater cluster, which also happens to be near the Jewel System, the theory being anything which pulls resources away from the siege of the Jewel System will help, and such an assignment would last until the war is over, removing the annoyance of Daniel.

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  • When the Tide Rises can be downloaded as part of the When the Tide Rises CD image at Thefifthimperium
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