Stacey Bergen
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Birth nameStacey Harmsworth Bergen
Birth placeCinnabar
Death date5149
SpouseMaryam Bergen
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankCommander

Commander Stacey Harmsworth Bergen was a Cinnabar citizen, an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, and one of the most influential explorers of post-Hiatus history.

He was the brother of Lady Bergen Leary, the first wife of Speaker Corder Leary, and Daniel Leary's mother.3:1

Biography Edit

He was a well known astrogator who found or re-discovered a number of shipping routes. The stories he told his nephew, Daniel Leary, inspired the latter to join the RCN at the age of sixteen. (RCN1)

Bergen discovered a much shorter route there from Cinnabar System to Strymon System,2:5 when he visited Strymon in 5120 CE.2:6

He also discovered a much shorter route to Alicia, which allowed the RCN to get there before the Alliance Fleet, and secure a treaty of friendship with Cinnabar in 5121 CE.3:1

He retired from the RCN in 5128 CE.4:6

By the time Leary received his first command, Commander Bergen was bound to a wheelchair, and oversaw Harbor Three on Cinnabar. (RCN2)

Bergen died in 5149 CE, shortly after his nephew's victory in the Strymon System. His funeral in Stanislas Chapel was attended by numerous naval officers, politicians and other influential members of Cinnabar high society. (RCN3)

Bergen was survived by his wife Maryam.3:2 Stacey Bergen was the managing partner in Bergen and Associates, a shipbuilding company in Xenos. He left his interest to Daniel.3:6

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  • Lieutenant
  • Commander

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