Planet (from With the Lightnings)
Location typePlanet
WithinSexburga System

Sexburga was the inhabited planet of the eponymous star system. Its atmosphere differed by a few percentage points from that of Cinnabar or Earth.2:12 Its day was slightly longer than Cinnabar's.2:15

Almost all traffic into or out of the Sack touched on Sexburga, making it a significant transshipment hub.2:13

Its capital city was Spires.

History Edit

Sexburga was colonized before the Hiatus. It was later recolonized after the Hiatus by Captain Ludifica Flood.2:13

It served as a major military base of the Republic of Cinnabar during one of its wars with Strymon. At one time, 20,000 Cinnabar spacers were stationed there under Admiral Perlot.2:13

Some time in the 51st century, Sexburga became a Protectorate of Cinnabar.2:14

In 5147 CE, RCS Princess Cecile commanded by Daniel Leary was able to travel from Cinnabar to Sexburga in 19 days, a notable achievement.3:5