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Seth Chazanoff
Male silhouette
Birth placeCinnabar
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Seth Chazanoff was a Chief Missileer on the RCS Milton.

He joined as a Missileer's Mate in 5150. Chazanoff was a Cinnabar native with a flair for the short-range computations. Previously, he’d been the Chief Missileer on a destroyer at a higher base pay that he’d get as mate even on a heavy cruiser.7:5

Chazanoff took over when the Milton's Chief Missileer, Borries, was killed at the Battle of Cacique.7:27

He joined the crew of RCS Princess Cecile when it was chartered to deliver the new Republic of Cinnabar Commissioner to Zenobia.8:4

Posts Edit

Posts Held

51505150RCS MiltonMissileer's Mate7:5
51505150RCS MiltonChief Missileer7:27
51525152RCS Princess CecileChief Missileer8:4

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