RCS Princess Cecile
APrinsessCecile 67 in matrix
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
Build nationKostroma
Year built5128
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typeCorvette
Vessel length230 feet
70.104 m
Vessel width55 feet
16.764 m
1,300 tons
Gun size4 inches
101.6 mm
Number of guns4
Number of missiles20
Missile tubes2

RCS Princess Cecile was a Kostroman-built corvette of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, and Lieutenant Daniel Leary's first command.

She was most likely named after Princess Cecile Alpen-Morshach of Topaz, who was in charge of the secondary colonization expedition to Kostroma.1:2

The vessel was informally referred to as the Sissie, and her crew as the Sissies.

Technical Details Edit

She was two hundred and thirty feet long and fifty-five feet wide, armed with two twin four-inch plasma cannon turrets, offset toward the starboard bow and sternwards to port.2:1

She was shaped like a long cigar, with two outriggers extended to give stability on water; after lift-off they would be drawn up against the hull to avoid interfering with the antennas and sails. Empty, it massed 1200 tons.3:8

Fully loaded, she massed 1300, and could accelerate at a little better than 2g at full thrust.

The Sissie had paired 4-inch plasma cannon in turrets on the dorsal bow and ventral stern, giving her four guns in total.6:3 She had five decks parallel to the axis; the bridge was on A—the topmost—Level in the bow, and the Battle Direction Center with its parallel controls and personnel was at the stern end.9:3

Propulsion Edit

The Princess Cecile had three types of propulsion, much as most other starships:

  • 8 widely-spaced plasma nozzles, generally used in the atmosphere
  • High Drive, for use in vacuum, delivering its thrust from a multithroated central port;2:9 with a total of 16 nozzles in the rosette2:33
  • Sails for navigating through the 4-dimensional Matrix, suspended from telescoping antennas arranged in 6 rings.4:7

History Edit


Adele Mundy51475147Signals OfficerAbout 5147 CE
Adele Mundy5151Signals Officer
Betts51475149Chief Missileer1:8
Borries51495150Chief Missileer
Daniel Leary5147Commanding Officer1:4
Elspeth Vesey51495149First Lieutenant6:3
Elspeth Vesey51525152First Lieutenanttraveling to Zenobia on RCN charter
Elspeth Vesey51525152Commanding OfficerActing Captain, Princess Cecile (a.k.a. House of Hrynko)
Elspeth Vesey51475148Midshipman
Elspeth Vesey51495149Commanding OfficerCaptain of private ship Princess Cecile traveling to Ganpat's Reach on RCN charter5:1
Seth Chazanoff51525152Chief Missileer8:4
Timothy Dorst51475148MidshipmanStarting in RCN,2:10 but continuing through private charter.3:5

Fanart Edit

Marcelo Glenadel (mglenadel on Flickr) Edit

JustinFloyd (Flickr) Edit

a 3D set (Bryce models) by xriz Edit

Note: David Drake liked this, but commented that the outriggers should be the full length of the vessel.[1]

Jeff Waggoner's Model Edit

Jeff has been working on building a model of the Princess Cecile, and posting his progress on his blog.

References Edit

  1. David Drake, 2011-10-21, "The Princess Cecile of David Drakes 'RCN' series", Baen's Bar, retrieved 2012-09-02.

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