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RCS Garnet
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
Build nationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typePatrol cruiser
3,000 tons

The Republic of Cinnabar Ship Garnet was a patrol cruiser in the service of Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

In 5149 CE, the Garnet was part of the Gold Dust Squadron which was based at Nikitin.4:9 Her First Lieutenant was Paolo Zileri.4:10

The vessel nominally massed 3000 tons, and shaped like a cigar. She was worn; her eight rings were missing some antennas. Her commander was Captain Andy Toron.4:11

In recognition of Adele Mundy repairing their computer system, the Garnet agreed to transfer reaction mass to Cutter 614 commanded by Daniel Leary.4:15

The Garnet, carrying the flag of Admiral Milne, took part in the last part of the battle in Yang System, when already damaged AFS Scheer surrendered to the RCN.4:28

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