RCS Aglaia
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationRepublic of Cinnabar
Build nationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
Vessel typeCourier
Vessel length613 feet
186.842 m
Vessel width65 feet
19.812 m
14,000 tons
Gun size4 inch
101.6 mm
Number of guns12
Number of missiles12
Missile tubes4

RCS Aglaia was a communications vessel[1] of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy. Informally, it was called the Aggie,2:10 and its crew the Aggies.2:3

Technical data Edit

She was 613 feet long with a 65-foot beam. The nominal weight of her hull and fittings was 10,000 tons, though the in-service weight including crew, consumables, and reaction mass was a good 4,000 tons more. A light cruiser's normal defensive suite was six barbette turrets, each holding a pair of four-inch plasma cannon. The Aglaia had four missile launchers and only three reloads per tube, because it wasn't really intended for combat.

The crew complement was 180 ratings, three lieutenants and two midshipmen.1:1

History Edit

At one point, as Ellie Woetjans recalled, the Aglaia was in the Matrix for twelve days straight, bringing the news of the Wroxter Fight back to Cinnabar.2:10

Commanded by Captain Le Golif, the ship was sent to the planet Kostroma to deliver a Cinnabar delegation for deliberations with the new Elector, Walter III.1:1

It was seized by Kostroman and Alliance troops during a coup d'etat shortly after its arrival, but eventually retaken by RCN spacers led by Lieutenant Daniel Leary. However, they discovered that the ship was no longer space-worthy, so they rigged it to self-destroy when they fled aboard the Kostroman corvette Princess Cecile.1:3

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References Edit

  1. Such vessels were also called couriers.9:28