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Male silhouette
Death date5147
Death placeKostroma City
NationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceFifth Bureau

Markos was an Alliance citizen and an operative of the Fifth Bureau.

Appearance Edit

He was a husky, dark-haired man in his forties, and spoke Academy-grade Universal with an undertone of the Pleasaunce slums.1:1

Biography Edit

He orchestrated the Zojira clan's Alliance-backed coup d'etat against Elector Walter III of Kostroma.1:2

After the coup failed, Markos tried to implicate Mundy for her role in the events, but was killed by Hogg before he could reach the proper authorities.1:3

Tovera, who served Markos until his death, believed that Markos planned to make himself the next Guarantor of the Alliance.1:4

References Edit

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