Josip Pettin
Male silhouette
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
RCN logo
Highest rankCaptain

Josip Pettin was a Cinnabar citizen and an officer of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

Appearance Edit

Around 5147 CE, he was a lean, white-haired man in his fifties, but looking older. (RCN2)

Biography Edit

In 5147 CE2:9 he commanded a small squadron of ships sent on a periodic visit of Strymon, mostly to show the flag and keep that ally in line.2:2 The squadron included the destroyers RCS Petty and RCS Active, an old heavy cruiser, RCS Winckelmann, and the corvette RCS Princess Cecile.2:10

Pettin's group encountered civil unrest on Strymon, and a strong Alliance Fleet squadron in the system. Eventually, a battle took place in the Strymon system, in which Commodore Pettin's forces proved victorious, although much of the combat was done by the detached Princess Cecile under Lieutenant Daniel Leary's command.2:33

Service Record Edit

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