James of Kithran
Male silhouette
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
RCN logo
Highest rankAdmiral

James of Kithran was a Republic of Cinnabar citizen, and one of the most senior and celebrated officers of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy. He was of aristocratic birth, but in addition was highly respected as a commander based on his record.6:1

His first name or more likely nickname was Gams.7:Ep

Kithran's family had a lot of RCN connections. He had a niece who was 10 in 5151 CE. On the Admiral's request, Captain Daniel Leary listed the girl on the books of RCS Milton as a midshipman.7:4 His wife's first cousin was Admiral Eldridge Vocaine.6:Ep

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