Ellie Woetjans
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NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceRepublic of Cinnabar Navy
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Highest rankWarrant Officer

Ellie Woetjans was a Cinnabar citizen and a warrant officer in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy.

Biography Edit

She started her service around 5118 CE, and had thirty years in the RCN by the time she joined the crew of Daniel Leary.3:5

She served as a Bosun's Mate aboard the communications vessel RCS Aglaia, and was assigned by Lieutenant Leary to the Electoral Library in Kostroma City. She and a crew of about twenty ratings assisted Adele Mundy in building up the library, but then a coup d'etat supported by Alliance agents rocked Kostroma, and they had to help Lieutenant Leary and Ms. Mundy free their fellow officers and take back the Aglaia. In the end, they took a Kostroman vessel, the Princess Cecile, and fled the planet. (RCN1)

Woetjans stayed on the Princess Cecile after it was bought into Cinnabar service and sent on its first mission under Lieutenant Leary's command. As the ship's bosun, she participated in several battles in the Strymon system. (RCN2)

When the peace with the Alliance led to the Princess Cecile being sold out of service, Woetjans and most of the crew were hired by Leary to continue serving under him as the ship became a private yacht for Count Klimov and his wife. (RCN3)

Characters Edit

Woetjans was a spacer with all her heart, never backing away from a fight and known for her fierce tongue and frequent use of curses and swear words. Like most people serving under him, she was fiercely loyal to Daniel Leary. She was unusually strong for a woman. Her weapon of choice in a fight was a length of high pressure tubing.

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Warrant Officer

Posts Edit

  • Bosun's Mate, RCS Aglaia
  • Bosun, RCS Princess Cecile
  • Bosun (chief of rig) RCS Milton

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