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Deirdre Leary
Female silhouette
Birth nameDeirdre Leary
Birth date5119
Birth placeCinnabar
FatherCorder Leary
MotherLady Bergen Leary
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Deirdre Leary was a Cinnabar citizen and banker, the oldest child and sole daughter of Corder Leary.

A Leary of Bantry, she was the older sister of Daniel Leary by six years. Deirdre was a shortish, soft if not exactly fat, and attractive, full-figured brunette. She was not romantic, satisfying her needs for male company with professionals.6:3

By 5148 CE she was a director of the Shippers' and Merchants' Treasury.2:4

Earlier, Deirdre was mentioned as older by two years.1:1

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