The Cinnabar Senate was the legislature of the Republic of Cinnabar. Its members were referred to and addressed as senators.

It convened in the Senate House in Xenos, and was overseen by the Speaker.1:1

Structure Edit

Much of its control was exercised through permanent committees, whose chairs had a lot of influence and prestige. In fact, the chairs of the committees apparently headed ministries, blurring the line between executive and legislative functions.

Finance Committee Edit

The head of the Finance Committee, Elisabeth Forbes6:1 was later referred to as Minister of Finance.7:3 It may have been a distinct position, but more likely these are synonymous.

Defense Committee Edit

Marshal of the Land Forces of the Republic reported to the Senate Defense Committee.5:2

Navy Board Edit

The Navy Board apparently reported directly to the Senate, rather than to the Defense Ministry, although the relationship was possibly more complex.1:4

External Relations3:1 Edit

Overseeing the Ministry of External Relations2:5 aka Office of External Relations,2:13 Ministry of External Affairs,4:1 External Bureau,8:4 and probably the same as Foreign Ministry and Foreign Affairs.2:1

Parties Edit

Most powerful senators belonged to political parties, including Popular Party (including a faction called the Intransigents), the Beneficial Party and the Progressive Party.