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Glenda Boileau CazeletF

Mistress Boileau was an Alliance citizen and scholar, who served as Director of the Academic Collections on Bryce.

She took Adele Mundy on as her assistant, and supported her after the Mundys of Chatsworth were proscribed by the Cinnabar Senate. When the Elector of Kostroma asked her to name someone to oversee the newly founded Electoral Library, she recommended Mundy. (RCN1)

In 5149 CE her daughter, Glenda Boileau Cazelet and her son-in-law Bartram Cazelet were arrested for treason by the Fifth Bureau. Their son Rene Cazelet escaped to Republic of Cinnabar and asked Mundy for help. As a result, he entered service with Republic of Cinnabar Navy.6:16:3