Bernis Sand
Female silhouette
Birth date5087
SpouseThomas Sand
NationRepublic of Cinnabar
ServiceCinnabar Foreign Intelligence

Bernis Sand was a Cinnabar citizen and a senior intelligence operative.

She recruited Adele Mundy after the Kostroma crisis. (RCN1)

Appearance and Habits Edit

Sand was about sixty years old in 5147 CE.1:4

Bernis Sand was built like a fireplug, with the features of an ageing bulldog. For all that, she shone with an energy and determination that made her almost attractive when the light caught her at the right time.

She preferred to drink whiskey and soda, and was very fond of snuff tobacco.7:3

Sand was a squire from Cinnabar’s central uplands,9:29 a member of the noble House of Caliwell. She once wanted to be a lecturer on Pre-Hiatus History.4:3 She was a genial, cultured woman. Many of the senators knew her socially; none of them wanted to have professional contact with her.1:1

Bernis was married to the Honorable Thomas Sand of Archstone Construction, one of the biggest contracting firms in the Capital Region.8:1

Speculation Edit

Her service is never stated, but while cooperating with Naval Intelligence (a branch of the RCN), she does not appear to operate in a hierarchical service. She also appears to have enormous influence, not only with the Navy but also with the Cinnabar Senate.

Adele thought of her as Republic's Spymaster, and that Sand didn’t have four colleagues to spread the burden as the President of the Navy Board did, implying Sand was the head of her own service. Sand had no formal position whatever in the Republic’s government.7:3