Battle of Zenobia
Battle icon
Battle date5152
PlaceZenobia System
ResultAlliance Victory
Alliance FleetHorde
Otto von GleuckIrene

  • 1 heavy cruiser
  • 1 destroyer
  • large number of cutters
  • Casualties

    The Battle of Zenobia took place in Zenobia System in 5152 CE. The naval forces of Palmyra, the Horde, attempted to conquer Zenobia. Zenobia was defended by the Alliance Fleet squadron stationed in the system, joined by the RCN RCS Princess Cecile.

    Background Edit

    Order of Battle Edit

    The defenders included AFS Z 42, AFS Z 46 and the Princess Cecile. The forces were commanded by Fregattenkapitan Otto von Gleuck.

    The Horde included the flagship Heavy cruiser Piri Reis; destroyer Turgut8:8; and a large number of cutters.8:18

    Course of Battle Edit


    Aftermath Edit

    Palmyra lost the battle along with most of her naval personnel and vessels.

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