Agatha Mundy
Female silhouette
Birth nameAgatha Mundy
Birth date5122
Birth placeCinnabar
Death date5132
Death placeXenos
FatherLucius Mundy
MotherEsme Rolfe Mundy
NationRepublic of Cinnabar

Agatha Mundy was a Cinnabaran citizen and a Mundy of Chatsworth.

The younger sister of Adele Mundy, she was ten years old when the Three Circles Conspiracy was discovered and the Senate proscribed her family. She escaped from home for a time, but was eventually found, brutally murdered, and decapitated by two soldiers.

The Public Safety Office paid them only half the usual bounty because she was below the minimum age set in the Decree of Proscription. However, her head was put on display on Speaker's Rock anyway, next to those of her parents. (RCN1)