AFS Bremse
Starship with sails (small)
Registry nationAlliance of Free Stars
ServiceAlliance Fleet
Vessel typeCruiser
Vessel length780 feet
237.744 m
18,000 tons
Number of missiles36

The AFS Bremse was a cruiser/minelayer of the Alliance Fleet.

Alliance cruiser/minelayers were built on the hulls of large light cruisers, but their large magazines were configured to accept either missiles or thermonuclear mines like the ones the Bremse was deploying now above Kostroma. The ships were fast because their mines could interdict hostile planets as well as defend friendly ones. The Bremse was a blunt-nosed cylinder of eighteen thousand tons or so loaded; it was 780 feet in length.

The ship was in orbit of the planet Kostroma during the Alliance-supported overthrow of Elector Walter III, and was destroyed by a mine in a battle with the Cinnabar-commandeered corvette Princess Cecile (the Battle of Kostroma). It had about 500 crew aboard at the time.1:3

The Bremse had 4 launch tubes for missiles. When carrying a full load of mines, it had 8 reloads for each tube and a total of at least 131 mines. The ship could accelerate at over 2g.1:3

"Bremse" is the German word for botfly.